Why we choose Flyhoom as our brand.

Flyhoom is same meaning as "Fly Home".In China "Fly" meant Lucky,Happiness,joyful,etc."Home" is a haven.We hope in here you would feel like home.

Flyhoom brand has "Warm intimate" in meaning.

Flyhoom advocates diversity culture. It advocates product style, style diversity, so that each product has its own unique design, each product has a variety of practical functions.

Flyhoom brand never neglects every detail. It keeps up with the forefront of the trend of the design and we controls strictly each process, so that every consumer can get the most intimate companionship and care.

We are the rights owner of the Flyhoombrand, our brand Flyhoom is approval by the United States Trademark Office on March 7th 2017,
registration number is 87360852, the online sale of sellers we only authorized merchant ID=A382OIY10E0DGO named FLYHOOM to sell our products.